How to add an author box in WordPress ( with and without plugin)

Author box in WordPress

We all love reading content on the web, right?

Right from Quora to Medium to niched blogs to magazines, millions of posts and articles get published on the web every single day.

We definitely must appreciate the technological advancement and the evolution of the internet (World Wide Web) for this exponential shift in the way we consume information now.

But I personally think, the people who write those articles and contents, The Authors, should be applauded the most for their time and effort.

Because without them, blogs are nothing but a blank sheet of paper, of no use whatsoever.

So you own a blog?

WordPress is the most famous CMS (Content Management System) out there and approximately 35 % of websites on the web have been built on this open-source software. So I am assuming you are using WordPress to run your blog or website.

Whenever I stumble upon some captivating content on the web, I just can’t refrain myself to check who wrote the article? And what are they up to?

And I believe this is very widespread among readers as well, and every author (established or non-established) should add an author bio on their website.

So that their readers can have a fair idea of whose content they are consuming and some other interesting info about the author.

How to add an author description on WordPress without using a plugin

In the majority of the WordPress themes, the Author box feature is already included and available.

You just need to configure it.

How to configure it?

Go to the WordPress Admin Panel.

wordpress author box

Now hover over Users and click on Your Profile.

Your Profile in wordpress

Now fill the First Name, Last Name, Nick Name, and Display Name.

name and other details in your profile

In the About Yourself section, write a short description of yourself which will be appearing at the bottom of every post.

Wordpress author bio

You can also set a photo of yourself using the Gravatar ( signup using the same email as WordPress admin and upload the picture)

author profile picture in wordpress

And at last click on Update Profile at the bottom of Your Profile section to save all the changes.

update settings

Now you can open any one of your blog posts and check if the author info you have just entered is displaying as it is, at the bottom of the post or not.

author description wordpress

How to add an author box in WordPress using a plugin

I have this habit of installing tons of themes before sticking to one. And in that process, I got to know that there are themes that don’t include biographical info in WordPress by default.

So in that case, you can use a WordPress plugin to add this feature to your website.

One plugin which I have used personally and found decent enough is Simple Author Box.

Install and activate this plugin like any other WordPress plugin.

author box plugin

This will add a Simple Author section in the sidebar of the WordPress admin panel. Click on that.

author box wordpress plugin
biographical info wordpress

Here you will have several options such as Edit Author Profile, change author profile picture and add different social media icons, which you can customize accordingly by clicking and configuring each section separately.

This plugin also allows you to modify or customize several other things such as general settings,

author bio wordpress plugin


settings in simple author box


settings in simple author box 2


settings in simple author box 3

At last, don’t forget to click on the Save Settings button.

save settings

You can check the newly configured author box at the bottom of any of your blog posts.

wp author box

This is how it will look like.

I hope this was helpful. Thanks for reading 🙂

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