How to choose the best blogging platform (5 options)

Choose best blogging platfrom

The idea of sharing your expertise with others always intrigued you. And one fine day out of nowhere you decided to carve a way for it.

You searched all the options available online and starting a blog is what seemed most viable to you.

You are excited but confused at the same time as there are tons of blogging platforms available to start with and choosing the one is a hell of a task on its own.

So in this particular blog post, I will list down 5 blogging platforms you can start your blog with and which is the best as per your needs?

Five platforms I am going to discuss today are:-

Apart from these, there are few other platforms available too such as Ghost or Squarespace but here I am discussing only those which I have used personally at any point in time.

What makes a blogging platform good?

How to choose a good blogging platform

Yes, I totally agree that If we have expertise over a topic and work harder and smarter then we can be successful with any blogging platform.

But at the same time, you also can’t deny this fact that some blogging platform makes this journey of being an amateur blog to becoming successful and authoritative in your niche, super-quick and easy.

So it’s always more than good to research a bit before starting out a blog so that you can dodge the few quite common symptoms of blogging such headache and remorse.

So always pick a blogging platform which,

  • Offer you a wide range of free and paid theme options.
  • Lets you customize every section of your blog.
  • Lets you add your own custom domain.
  • Helps in the monetization of your blog in the most effective and easiest manner possible.
  • Have an active community that can help you with blogging related queries.
  • Offers various plugins and extensions which can further extend the functionality of your site.
  • You have full control over the authority of your website.

You got it, isn’t it?

Now without any further ado, let’s dive right into the first blogging platform we are going to discuss today,


WordPress must not alien to anyone who even thought about starting a blog at any point in time.

Overwhelmingly, According to a report by W3Techs, 35% of websites on the internet are built on WordPress.

Isn’t it a huge number?

This is the most famous blogging platform out there on the web. And it is completely open-source.

But this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to spend any money to create a blog on this platform.

Web server hosting charges and custom domain name charges is something you have to pay to get started with this platform.

You can purchase web server hosting in as low as 2$ per month and domain name in 10$ per year.

The best thing about this platform is, you have absolute control over your website. You can customize your website as you feel like and there are millions of plugins available to make your blogging tasks super easy.

Plugins in

Since you have hosted this website by purchasing the server space, no one has any right to turn down your blog if you haven’t adhered to any policies which are not the case with other platforms such as

This blog itself has been built on

site built on wordpress

And the absolute best part about this platform is it’s monetization options. Right from Adsense to Mediavine to Affiliate Marketing to, it’s supports everything.

So if your goal is to earn money out of your blog, look no further.

BlogSpot (Blogger) is another famous blogging platform that you can consider to go with.

It’s absolutely free ( No conditions applied).

Yes, you don’t have to pay a dime to create and run a blog on this platform. And on top of that, it’s Google product. You can trust on reliability and authenticity.

The domain name you will choose will have appended. But you can add custom domain name anytime and redirect the Blogspot address to your custom domain address.

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I too started out on before moving to

My travel blog, thrillwrill was started on BlogSpot.

blogspot site example

But as I learned more about blogging, I realized why is it so important to choose the right blogging platform to avoid, going all your hard work in vain.

So I moved to WordPress.

Why did I move to WordPress?

It’s great that this platform doesn’t charge anything from its users.

But everything comes with a cost right?

The main disadvantage of this blog is, this blog is entirely hosted on Google servers. It means they have all the right to turn down your blog if you don’t adhere to their policies.

Secondly, there is only one-way of monetization i.e Adsense.

And also there are not many extensions and customization options available on this platform.

Tumblr was one such blogging platform that Intrigued me a lot when I started getting to know about blogging stuff.

Beautiful pictures and quotes in the grid-like design left me flabbergasted.

I liked it so much that I ignored all the other platforms and started out my very first blog on Tumblr.

blog example on tumblr

Tumblr is good if blogging is your hobby and you don’t wish to make money out of it.

People who still use Tumblr are photographers and writers who just want to build a portfolio of their work.

There are not many features available on Tumblr which can help your blog grow in the long run.


Medium is another platform you can leverage if you want to showcase your expertise and writing skills on the web.

All you need to do is, create an account on the site and set up your profile just as you do for any social media platform.

And if you are done with this, it’s time to start writing.

Set up profile on medium

And the icing on the cake is, you can also earn some money out of it.

How to earn money on Medium?

You just need to sign up on medium using your email address. Upon signing up, join the medium partner program.

earn money from medium

Now write great content and check the checkbox “make your story eligible to earn money” and click on Publish.

Now medium will pay you every month based on reading time and applause you received on your content from medium members or readers.

Another way of earning from Medium is to promote affiliate products and earn the commission.

You can also, promote your own blog if you have any on Medium to send the traffic back and earn money from there.

The Major difference between WordPress Org and WordPress Com is,

In WordPress.Org you download an open-source software and install it on your own web server.

Whereas in, it takes care of all the hosting for you. You don’t need to download the software, procure a hosting plan and custom domain.

All you have to do is, sign up using your email address and that’s it.

sign up on

Sounds enticing right?

But the catch here is, you will get only basic website functionality with the free plan and users have to upgrade to unlock additional features.

You are not allowed to upload any plugins. You also can’t upload any themes, you have to use free or premium only whatever is available on the site.

No code access of any kind while in you can edit and access several coding files. will be appended in your domain name in the free plan. But you can add a custom domain name with the paid plan.

premium option in

And the biggest disadvantage of all, they will place ads on all free websites. And even if your users will see the Ads, you won’t make any money out of it.

If you don’t want your users to see the ads then you have to upgrade to premium.


Now you must have an idea which platform suits the best for your website.

Choosing the right platform, at the beginning, itself, will give you an upper hand and will save you from a lot of hassle and missed opportunity 🙂

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment sections 🙂

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