How To Create A Free Blog On Blogspot Blogging Platform

Create a free blog on Blogspot

Let’s rewind our memory to those days when having a website or blog was a big deal.

Books, newspapers, and television was the only source of acquiring knowledge about something.

Our knowledge-sharing characteristic was only limited to friends and family.

But luckily that’s not the case now, In this era of digitalization, if you know something that people might be interested in.

There are several ways to spread your knowledge and give wings to your voice.

One very efficient way of doing that is writing on a blog.

There are several platforms available that let you create a blog at an instant.

For some, you have to spend a few bucks such as a self-hosted WordPress blog ( the best option).

But few platforms also allow you to create and run a blog without spending a penny such as,, and

Starting with a free one is justifiable as not all who start, persist.

Some want quick results and eventually give up when don’t get.

Some are doing it as a hobby and there is no point in spending any money.

But if you are serious about blogging and want to grow your blog and eventually earn money then the best option available is self-hosted WordPress(

But if you are just starting out then begin with the free option and then move to the paid one later.

So in this blog post, I will show you how to create a blog on for absolutely free.

BlogSpot is a Google product and all your content and images will be hosted on the Google server. So Google has all the right to turn down your blog if your blog is not in line with its terms and policy.

This is one of the biggest disadvantages of this platform.

Secondly, it’s not quite good if you want to monetize your blog in the future.

More or less, Adsense is the only advertising method you can use on this platform.

But it’s always good to have a basic idea of blogging before thinking of doing it professionally. And this free platform will definitely get your hands dirty in the field of blogging.

So let’s start with the step by step guide to creating a free blog on

Create a blog on BlogSpot

To get started with the process, head directly to

Click on Create Your Blog button.

Now sign in with your Gmail account. If you don’t have one, you create that absolutely free at

Sign in with Google

Now create a new blog dialog will be popped up after successful login

Create a free blog on Blogspot

Enter the title of the blog, then choose a blog address as per availability and finally select a default theme, and finally click on Create Blog button.

enter the details and create the blog

Now your new blog has been created.

View your blog

You can click on View Blog link to see how your blog looks like. (we will customize it very soon)

View blog button
Your first free blog on Blogspot

Change the theme

Now we will customize its features one by one.

Let’s start with the theme. Suppose you haven’t liked any of the default themes and want to change it.

So this is how you can do it?

Head directly to Google search query box and search for the themes.

Search for themes on Google

Open one of the results and download the theme you liked.

Download the theme

Now go to the Blogspot admin panel and click on Theme and then on Backup/Restore.

navigate to theme upload section
Upload theme dialog

Now extract the zip file we have downloaded and look for XML file inside it.

Extract the themes files to get the XML

Now select this file by clicking on the Choose File button in Back/Restore section.

Click on Upload.

Upload the XML file

You have successfully changed the theme of your blog.

Customize the layout

Now click on the Layout Section.

Layout section of Blogspot

Here you can customize various features of your blog such as changing the favicon, changing the logo of your blog.

You can also customize the main menu.

Customize logo,favicon and main menu in Blogspot

You can also customize the main page of your blog such as how many posts will be displayed on a single page.

Customize the main post in Blogspot

And which widgets will be displayed on the sidebar menu.

Customize the side bar in Blogspot

There are many other features also which you can customize according to your needs.

Earn from your blog

If your blog is getting decent views per month then you can also apply for AdSense and earn some money from your blog.

The earning will be shown in the Earnings section.

Earning in Blogspot


Google Analytics is another feature that comes inbuilt when you create a free blog on Blogspot. Since both products are of Google so you don’t need to perform any extra steps to install analytics.

You can check how your site is performing in the Stats section of the blog.

Analytics in Blogspot

Post Your content

If you want to start creating the content, click on Posts and then on New Post.

New post in Blogspot

Add a custom domain

If by any chance, you don’t like to have appended in your web URL, then you can add a custom domain to this blog.

To do so, Go to the Settings Section.

And under the blog address section, you can link your custom domain to this Blogspot URL.

Add Custom Domain in Blogspot


That’s it from me in this step by step guide to how to create a free blog on Blogspot and customize it according to your requirement.

BlogSpot is a great platform to start with if you are not sure about pursuing blogging professionally.

I even used BlogSpot for some time before moving my travel blog, thrillwrill to self-hosted WordPress.

I hope I have made this post comprehensible and useful 🙂

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